Michelin WONDER AIR GAUGE Bar PSI tyre inflation gun

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A high-quality pistol with a pressure gauge is designed for pumping both tubular and tubeless wheels of all motor vehicles. The gun, thanks to the calibration option, allows you to manually reset the pressure gauge without the need to perform paid services. The exact scale (bar) and the air bleed function allow for precise regulation of the pressure in the tires. The ergonomic flow control lever guarantees intuitive and easy operation. The pressure gauge is equipped with a protective glass and a rubber cover to prevent accidental damage while working in the workshop. The pumping end is equipped with a tight clamp to the wheel valve with a strong spring preventing accidental jumping off. The 1.5 m long hose ensures freedom of movement and convenient connection with the wheel in every possible position.

thread table


Technical specifications:

Working temperature : -10 ° ÷ + 40 ° C
Accuracy of measurement : +/- 0.1 Bar / 1.45 Psi / 10Kpa
Material : plastic body


metal lever


brass connection


rubber cover of the pressure gauge

Hose Length : 1.5 m
Range and unit of measurement : 0.7-12 Bar 10-174 Psi 100-1200 Kpa
Type of indicator : Dial pressure gauge
Air connection : 1/4 “
Warranty : 24 months
Warranty for companies : 12 months



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