Paste gel for washing hands 4l STRONG (semi-liquid, blue)

SKU: 593-2021 Category:


SKU: 593-2021 Category:


STRONG hand washing paste contains high-quality raw materials for thorough dirt removal. Thanks to the unique formula with the addition of cellulose, it shows excellent effectiveness even with the most difficult dirt , such as:

  • lubricants
  • used oils
  • dust
  • rust
  • varnishes
  • printing inks
  • glues
  • fats

Contains abrasive microbeads that clean the skin down to the pore layer. The product does not contain sand, so it does not clog drainage systems. Adapted to the protective layer of the skin and non-alkaline. Economical to use.

Contains ingredients that protect the skin of the hands from drying out and irritation. These are derivatives of coconut oil and lanolin. Neutral pH level ensures gentle action.


  • Packaging: 4 liters
  • Purpose: for hand washing
  • consistency: semi-liquid
  • advantages: particularly effective, economical

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