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The PREMA CUTTER 300 is a device designed to deepen the tread pattern and renew it after tire repair.

Allows you to make a cut with a depth of up to 16 mm and a width of up to 28 mm.

The PREMA CUTTER 300 is equipped with a thin and very flexible power cord, 160 cm long, with reinforced ends, which allows for easy operation of the device during tread reconstruction.

Ergonomic, light handle and low weight of the device guarantee comfort during work. The transformer is equipped with four levels of temperature regulation, allowing you to set the necessary power range. Modern technology guarantees a high level of safety and a long service life.

The notcher also has a hole to be attached to the wall for the operator’s convenience.

The device is adapted to work with REMA TIP-TOP knives, type R, sizes 1 to 5, with a round outline, and type W, sizes 1 to 6, with a trapezoidal outline.

Knives are not included in the cutter’s equipment.


  • 4-step power adjustment switch
  • durable workmanship,
  • possibility of mounting on the wall,
  • convenient carrying handle,
  • flexible power cord,
  • safe, encapsulated transformer,
  • universal method of attaching the knife.


  • width of the cut groove: 3-28mm
  • maximum groove depth: 16mm
  • weight: 3.8 kg
  • single-phase power supply: 230V

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