W-3 7-10mm Tyre Regrooving Blades

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The grooving blades installed in the heating head are used to deepen the tread in truck tires with the REGROOVABLE inscription and in tires with a thick tread pattern, such as tires for agricultural, industrial and construction vehicles. Rillfit cutting knives are distinguished by increased thermal resistance, thanks to which they retain their sharpness and shape even after repeated use; You just have to remember to adjust the heating temperature to the given knife profile, given on the package lid. A wide range of sizes allows you to cut virtually any tread profile used in truck tires.

The knives for the tread reconstruction heat up only when they are pressed against the rubber. Then a high-intensity current flows through them, and a low, safe voltage, generating in the blink of an eye the optimum temperature for the material. If you stop applying pressure, you stop the flow of electricity. This solution, firstly, affects the safety of use, and secondly, it increases the life of the knives and protects them against burnout. Appropriate maneuvering of the handle allows you to make sharp, zigzag cuts that exactly match the original tread profile.

If the heating power is set too high or the cut is not made continuously, the blades may overheat, which will result in the rubber melting and the knife becoming dirty. Each knife size is marked on the packaging with the heating level to be set. The blades and clamps of the blades should be kept clean, because disturbances in the conduction of electricity reduce the heating of the blades, increasing the resistance when cutting the tread.


Cut Type:
Quantity in the package:
20 pcs
Cut width:
7-10 mm
Max. cut height:
10 mm
Cutter height:
22 mm

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