Pressure Reducer With RQS 1/2 IN. Steam Trap

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Air filter and dehydrator for workshop and industrial applications manufactured by the renowned company RQS.

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An essential element of any pneumatic installation. It dries and cleans the air leaving the compressor free from impurities and used oil residues. Separation of the condensate prevents premature rusting of pneumatic tools, the appearance of stains when painting with a gun, moisture entering the inside of pumped wheels, etc. The dehumidifier body and container are made of durable polycarbonate. Extremely low resistance to air flow in relation to the capabilities of the device. Adjustment of the output pressure with a readable manometer allows you to set the appropriate pressure for the target devices according to manufacturer’s recommendations. 40um filter cartridge.


Working Temperature : 0°C to +60°C
Notes : Automatic condensate drain
Flow rate : 3000 l/min
Input pressure : 0 – 16 bar
Material : Housing – Zinc die-cast Filter container – Polycarbonate Metal container cover – Aluminum alloy
ending : 1/2″
Gauge scale : Bar, Mpa
Standard filter : 40 microns (possibility of using 5 microns – on your own)
Gauge Diameter : 50mm
Warranty : 24 months
Warranty for companies : 12 months


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