Insert cover for mounting head M221-3D1 M250-3D2

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SKU: 12-01-52 Category:


Each metal mounting head in the tyre changer can be quickly adapted to work with scratch-prone aluminum rims. Plastic covers are used for this purpose, which cover the points of contact of the assembly head with the rim.

  • Replacing or covering the metal roller with a plastic replacement ensures that no traces will be left on the rim edge after mounting or dismounting the tire.
  • All overlays available in our offer are made of composites of high mechanical strength, thanks to which the outer layer of the overlays retains its shape and thickness for longer, even after repeated use.
  • Simple and quick assembly – just push the cap onto the roll, no need to disassemble the roll.
  • The assembly is extremely quick and simple, just unscrew the spindle on which the roller spins and replace it with a composite insert.
  • Dedicated to the M221-3D1, M250-3D2 assembly machines.

The product sold here is a consumable item. The warranty for this product does not cover natural wear and tear that occurs as a result of normal use.


Technical specifications:

Application : M221-3D1, M-250-3D2
Type : pressed in
Material : Composite



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