Screw Valve for wheels TR 525 glossy – 10 pcs

SKU: 03-02-43 Category:


SKU: 03-02-43 Category:


A wide range of applications
The featured TR525 screw valves are a perfect match for tubeless aluminum rims. Thanks to their dimensions, they can be used as a replacement for the popular TR413 valve.

When to use this valve?
TR525 valves will work well in cars that drive at high speeds – for example, in motorsport. Thanks to their attractive appearance, they will also prove themselves as an element of visual tuning of rims.

Set included
The price includes 10 TR525 valves. Make a bigger purchase – to keep them in stock!

Perfect tightness
This screw valve, unlike standard rubber valves, is resistant to deformation and does not experience the phenomenon of “aging” of the rubber. The valves have an internal rubber gasket that protects against air loss from the tire, as well as contamination and moisture. The valve is twisted and additionally sealed with a plastic washer



Technical specifications:
Rim hole :
11.3mm + 0.4mm
Valve head diameter :
18 mm
Total height :
42 mm
Application :
Quantity :
10 pieces

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