Tubeless Valves TR 413 REDATS TOP – 100 pcs.

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SKU: 03-01-41 Category:


New quality in the TOP version
A new version of the valve offering even greater precision, quality and strength of the core. The valve is intended for use in all standard passenger car rims, both steel and aluminum – head diameter 11.3 mm. The valve is equipped with a spring insert as standard, so it is immediately ready for installation.

The set pays off
The package includes as many as 100 valves. Do not hesitate and buy the whole set – these are accessories that will be useful in vulcanization almost always.

Choose a quality
Do you want to deliver only the best parts to your workshop customers? Choose REDATS quality! It is a Polish company that produces everything that every vulcanizer needs – from valves for wheels or weights, to balancers and tire changers. We ensure full control of quality standards and use the highest quality raw materials to manufacture our products. It is for this reason that REDATS products are so much appreciated by both Polish and European vulcanizers!

ATS becomes REDATS
Why is the product you have been buying as ATS so far now called REDATS? This is just a name change, introduced to underline our constant efforts to improve the quality and workmanship of this product. Prices and functionality remain the same as before!


Technical specifications:
Rim hole :
11.3mm + 0.4mm
Total height :
45 mm
Coating :
Application :
Valve head diameter :
15 mm
Quantity in the package :
100 pcs
Warranty :
24 months
Warranty for companies :
12 months

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