Air blow gun 250mm REDATS P-560

SKU: 05-01-98 Category:


SKU: 05-01-98 Category:


Convenience of operation
We designed this gun to be as comfortable as possible in your hand, regardless of the pressure applied – be it minimum or full blowing power, you can be sure of a strong grip on the device!

This gun was designed to clean even very hard-to-reach places. The device provides excellent blowing performance.

It will reach everywhere
The curved tip with a length of 250 mm will reach virtually anywhere there is a need to remove dirt (filings, chips, rubber residues, etc.)

Why is it worth it
Such a gun will be a great addition to the toolkit of any workshop or vulcanization. Perfect for cleaning filters or removing dirt in hard-to-reach places.

High quality
The gun, made of high-quality components, will serve you for a really long time. Its tip is made of stainless steel, which allows you to maintain the parameters for a long time.

The gun is sold without a plug. The plug is available at other auctions.



Technical specifications:
Handle end:
1/4 ” internal thread
250 mm
24 months
Warranty for companies:
12 months

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