PROXIMA 1″ Pneumatic Impact Wrench with 200 mm Shank, 3390 Nm, Heavy Duty

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New high torque truck wrench with 8″ / 200mm long shank.

The PROXIMA impact wrench is designed to operate truck wheels.

Modern design supported by the use of the best materials and technologies resulted in a wrench with a very high maximum torque of 3,390 Nm. The wrench will easily unscrew even heavily seized bolts in trucks, semi-trailers, agricultural and construction machines. Rotation speed 5,000 rpm. allows you to work comfortably. An indispensable tool in every TIR service workshop.

New: Extended spigot to 8″ / 200 mm makes it easier to work in inaccessible places.

NOTE: To complete the set, you need to buy the appropriate air inlet connector.


Drive 1” (25.4mm)
Spindle length 8” (20.3cm)
Rotation speed 5,000 rpm
Maximum torque 3,390Nm
working torque 542~2441Nm
An air inlet 1/2” (connector not included)
The inside diameter of the hose 13mm
Maximum pressure 6.2 bars
Average air consumption 282L/Min
Libra 10.9 kg

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