BAZUKA INVENTO 9L trigger inflator

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The BAZUKA INVENTO 9L drain inflator is designed for quick inflation of tubeless tires.

The design of the device allows for exceptionally convenient and comfortable use due to the relatively small size of the device. The inflator has been designed in the shape of a bazuka, which translates into its ergonomic, unique construction.

The body consists of a comfortable handle, air tank, nozzle, manometer and trigger guard. The latter is an additional protection against accidental use of the inflator. The equipment is also equipped with a 1/4″ valve / connection. The working pressure is 8 Bar.

The inflator is a device used to inflate the wheels in a burst, which are then inflated to the correct pressure using the traditional method of pumping with a gun. It is irreplaceable in situations where the bead of the tire mounted on the rim does not reach the edge of the rim, preventing pumping through the valve.


tank capacity: 9 liters
working pressure: 8 bar
Red colour
weight: 7.5 kg


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