BLACK Stick-on / Adhesive Wheel Balancing Weights12X5G 100 STRIPS

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Unique color
How to make your customers’ wheels look even better? Offer them weights in an aesthetic black color! The proposal from Fivestars is an example of a unique design – the unique black color makes the weights look like a factory element of each rim, without disfiguring their appearance.

Wide application
Regardless of whether you are looking for wheel weights for cars, vans or off-road wheels, you can go ahead and choose Fivestars Black Edgy weights! To ensure maximum durability of the connection, we strongly recommend the use of a pressure roller.

Connection durability
Fivestars Black Edgy are original weights of European production. Angular type – the highest quality workmanship ensures precise balancing. The thickness of the weight together with the tape is only 3.8mm, so there is no fear of catching on the drum or brake disc calipers. In addition, the tape itself is so strong that even sports driving or “Polish roads” are not able to tear it off. In addition, the weights are stored in special foils that protect the adhesive from drying out.

Easy assembly
The weights are equipped with a blue adhesive tape with a protruding edge, which only needs to be slightly torn during disassembly. Thanks to this, you can easily remove the tape without even taking off your gloves or prying it with a knife, as is often the case with weights from other manufacturers.

With no scratches!
The thickness of the weight together with the tape is only 3.8 mm. So there is no fear of catching on the drum or brake disc calipers! In addition, the weights have been fully galvanized, using a special layer protecting the steel against corrosion and chipping.

Fivestars – five-star quality!
Find out what the highest Fivestars quality is! Fivestars is not only a company, but above all an idea to create world-class wheel balancing products. Below we present 5 main reasons why every Polish vulcanist should choose weights with a five-pointed star!

  • durability for a long period of use
  • highest clamping security
  • top-class materials – precise casting
  • the weights fit perfectly to the rim – easy to put on the rims
  • accurate weight distribution


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