Stick-on / Adhesive Wheel Balancing Weights 5/10G 100 STRIPS

SKU: FEG5-10-ET Category:


SKU: FEG5-10-ET Category:


Galvanized steel weights are used to correct the unbalance of wheels with aluminum rims in cars, SUVs and vans. The form of the glued strip allows you to hide the weights without disfiguring the appearance of the rim. The total weight of the strap (60g) is distributed in the 4x5g + 4x10g system, preferred by a wide range of “old school” enthusiasts, the difference in the length of the strap compared to the 12x5g system is 1mm.

Wider tape securing the adhesive strip for easy tearing off the cover before gluing – you no longer have to take off your gloves or pry the tape with a knife.

The thickness of the weight together with the tape is only 3.8mm, so there is no fear of catching on the drum or brake disc calipers. In addition, the tape itself is so strong that even sports driving or the quality of roads are not able to tear it off. The strips are additionally wrapped in foil, 20 pieces each, to prevent the adhesive from drying out.
We recommend the use of a silicone roller to effectively attach the weights.


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