Station for deepening the tread of RUFF tires

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SKU: 18-00-43 Category:


Stand for the reconstruction of the tire tread from the German manufacturer of tire and transformer cutters by RUFF.

A stand dedicated to work with the RILLFIT SIX tire jigsaw, but its advantages will be appreciated by all users involved in professional tread deepening.

Below we present a video showing the use of the stand for tread reconstruction on the example of the Rillfit notching machine.

The video is not an offer and is for preview purposes only.

The dredging stand consists of:

  • a stand with tire width adjustment,
  • variable speed motor (Varvel) driving the roller that rotates the wheel
  • speed control panel (Hitachi controller)
  • mobile foot rotation switch
  • sockets for connecting the cutter
  • safety switch
  • a worktop for a jigsaw
  • ramping up the tires


Maximum tire width:
450 mm
Maximum tire weight:
75 kg
Engine power:
0.4 kW
Rotation speed:
0-100 rpm
Power supply:
230V / 50-60Hz
12 months

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